Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It was a slow start to the day. Ms Mova was contemplating the 60 sausages that might still have been sitting there morosely at the end of the day when people starting drifting in. A slow dance of tottering feet and heavy lifting saw the water tanks raised into place one by one. Ms Tagalong guided and steered but it did interfere with her photo taking. Tanks in place they were secured by a very agile gardener, one minute scrambling like a monkey over the top, the next slithering underneath snakelike. It seemed like a good time for a tea break.

After a slow start the orchestra warmed up and the principal violinist Mr Ideasman was leading the young muscle recruited for the day. Rhymthic sawing and hammering replaced the umming and ahing and scratching of the head as the pergola slowly took shape. Who knows what it looked like before? Surely not as good as it does now! Shade and protection from the rain with the wonderful bonus of adding to the water collection.

Our last working bee saw a lot of our older members rushing in to help. For this one we thought that perhaps child labour might net us some different results. We set them to work seed collecting, digging, stirring witches brew, sawing and tying. What a wonderful untapped work force! Someone should talk to Nike! Little Miss Pretty was happy to have friends and I think this somewhat curtailed her ability to work but she was very gracious and granted me an interview on her participation in the garden. Top of the list for her are the toys and the play opportunities but she loves the plants! One thing which brought a tear to Ms Tagalong's eye was the participation by all family members, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. Spread the word I say.

Ms Mova and I were talking about future plans for the garden as we hit this wonderful first year milestone. Previous ideas of swales may have gone out of the window or over the fence but we have many replacements such as a cob oven, gardening speakers, cookery demonstrations and workshops. Any more ideas anyone?

Those of you who follow my every word may be wondering when is she going to mention the chickens? Well hold on, I think they deserve a full entry all to themselves. So dear readers, I am sorry if I lured you here on false pretences when all you wanted to hear about was stories of the 'ladies' and their latest doings. Keep posted!

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