Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One O Three

Ms Tagalong and Ms Mova have recently discovered a very wonderful place in our suburb and wanted to share it with you.

The smell of a freshly made cappuccino leads your nose down Union Street past the old pub. A humble blackboard welcomes you to One O Three. On Sundays between 10 and 12 the garage roller door is up and welcomes all residents to the café.

This, however, is not a regular retail café, although coin donations are gratefully received, but rather one born out of a sense of community. A place to chat, laugh and share ideas.

“Some of the best things start small and then grow,” said co-founder Dave as he explained the history of the community café. “It started with two families who knew they wanted to live together and was joined by a coffee connoisseur neighbour.”

“We acquired a second hand coffee machine and repaired it,” his friend Simon continued.

The pole pergola structure is a generous size affording cover to neighbours sitting on three plump lounges around a coffee table. A large dining table to the side is spread with Sunday papers and children run around the garden laid out with winding paths and artwork. A mural of buttons on a wall catches my attention.

“I made that,” Kya says proudly, “would you like to come and see the other art in our house?”

I clutch my frothy cup and meet some of the neighbours.

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  1. this is looking like a future, a hopeful one at that and i'm in. If i may take the liberty, it reminds me a bit of our midnite cafe's vision of coffee, art, music chanelling a mysterious and magical thing called conversation. it is irresistable believe me.


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