Tuesday, November 29, 2011


" There didn't seem to be any foul play," Ms Mova said with the straightest of faces. She was recounting the sad demise of our remaining white chicken who literally seemed to have fallen off her perch. Irreverent thoughts of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch came into Ms Tagalong's mind. Sort of a slight hysteria when faced with sad news.

Yes, dear gardeners, old whitey, our first donated oldie, is now pushing up daisies, actually, no, she has been buried to help the elderflower bush, written about last week, bloom, blossom and fruit to its utmost.

Talking about Ms Tagalong's waxing eloquent about elderflower cordial, she received a comment from a friend in England who seems to think that elderflower cordial is best served with some gin! Ms Tagalong was trying to maintain a family feel to the post, a thought that was obviously lost on my friend!

Too hot this week to do much in the garden but I am sure that Ms Mova will be happy for some mulch turning and compost turning assistance early this Saturday!


  1. oh that is sad for the whole chicken community (well maybe just means more grub for them!)
    Personally I was hoping for an elderflower wine recipe!


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