Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toads in Holes

While the magic elves have been working wonders in the garden, Ms Tagalong has been marvelling from afar, going to regular yoga and cooking using local ingredients.

Mr Ideasman never believed Ms Tagalong when she talked about Toad in the Hole. He said it was some strange dish featuring an unwholesome piece of white bread with a hole in the centre filled with an egg! No, no, no! said Ms Tagalong. Wait until we get to England and I will show you a proper toad in the hole!

And so it came to pass. Ms Tagalong cruised the local market held in stalls along the streets in Bridport, and purchased some local Cumberland Sausages. Yes, meat sausages full of local piggies and herbs. Organic of course. Then she looked for the freshest eggs she could find. This multi-coloured selection took her fancy and they did not disappoint.

The batter was made with the golden eggs and after the sausages were part cooked, poured on top to rise and cook in a most fantastic way. Even Ms Tagalong was impressed with her batter. It rose and looked golden as she took it out of the oven and so she whipped out her camera to make sure she could share it with you across the sea!

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