Monday, April 9, 2012

A Jubilee Job?

Ms Tagalong nearly fell over her feet in her haste to grab her camera out of her carry on bag and rush across the train aisle to photograph this poster. Smacks of Dig for Victory, she thought, and wondered if she had the gall to apply as a local leader! 'Garden for the Games' what an opportunity and in this Jubilee year.

Well, she thought,what could she offer? Experience in co-ordinating a community garden? Container gardening in her own small courtyard garden? Hmm. Ms Tagalong had been fortunate to see some gardens in the last weeks. A community garden in Waterlow Park across from Highgate cemetery sports raised beds individually gardened by groups and is of course limited by space. Aren't they all? One hopeful advertisement in the window of the local shop here in Bridport is offering garden space for someone to garden. How lovely, how attractive in a small town with premium garden space.

Mr Ideasman had taken some lovely photos of Spring flowers in Hampstead at Fenton House, a National Trust property, and admired the espaliered fruit trees surrounding the vegetable garden and the twiggy tepees for supporting sweet peas and the like.
So green, so green at this time of year and with the blossom all around it is quite magical and giving Japan a run for its money! The may trees are blooming and the horse chestnuts are threatening to light their candles far too early.

Ms Tagalong has been missing her fresh herbs and salad so two large pots are full of these and two peat free compost bags are arranged so neatly on the patio with lettuce seedlings peeking out, growing to garnish plates and fill sandwiches.

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