Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Market day in Calitri

Ms Tagalong had vowed to be up early to see the market in its glory but a dinner that didn't finish until midnight the night before put paid to her good intentions.

 Bleary-eyed and still yawning at half-past nine when most self-respecting Calitrians had already filled their bags with fresh produce, Ms Tagalong's entourage wandered up and down the stalls sampling this and that.

 The little princess had elected to stay home sitting in the sun on his balcony reading a book but Ms Pollo Piccolo guided the troupe wheeling and dealing until a veritable feast had been gathered. Mr Ideasman collected a wee coffee pot which he is sure will replicate the magnificent coffee he had whilst there and Ms Tagalong collected vegetables for the repast that night.
 A large lemon was thrown in as a complementary enticement to buy from the seller next time! Jars of stuffed baby peppers, jars of olives, jars of artichoke hearts, jars of sun-dried tomatoes lined up like a stall at the fair.

Ms Tagalong elected to prepare and cook the fresh globe artichokes. A fiddly performance but well worth the effort. Next on the menu was a pasta concoction with mixed funghi, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley just shouting out its flavour. Grilled eggplant finished the meal off. Ms Tagalong had bought a tub of pistachio ice-cream for Mr Ideasman, well it had been for him until everyone dipped in eagerly with their spoons.

Such a successful day in the market.   


  1. Just back from Calitri ourselves. Have a home there when not in USA. Food there is wonderful. We learned a new concoction while there ... cubed pieces of orange, pitted green or glack olives all tossed in olive oil with some pepper. Who'd think they'ed got together? From Paolo. See

    1. Thanks Paulo, will have to try that! I have written more on Calitri in my travel blog
      Enjoy! And keep the comments coming!


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