Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Muddy Carrot for muddy carrots?

Absolutely. Ms Tagalong recently paid a visit to the brains behind this website purchasing initiative for ethically sourced and raised items in deepest darkest Dorset, Muddy Carrot.

“It's a bit like Amazon,' said James,'the transactions are between the producers and the customers.'

We are facilitators, explained Tracy, who has been hatching this idea for several years with a year of frustrating red tape and paperwork to bring it to recent fruition.

This passionate couple are providing a marketing online outlet set to rival Waitrose and Tesco. Shop online? Then give this a go. Travelling to another part of the country and want to purchase well-sourced goods? Give it a try. Tracy went on to explain how the many small farmers of produce down narrow lanes, like the hedgerow foraged jams Ms Tagalong was eying up or the upcycled copper wire welcome signs perfect for a special friend's B & B, simply do not have the time to market and promote their goods or perhaps even have the digital expertise. And the ability to market nationally seems insurmountable.

Not to this team, who have been nurturing their endearingly named Beaminster Bottom Farm for 13 years. Lamenting the loss of carpet making skills in Britain when Tracy was designing rugs utilising her angora goats' hair, she became aware that farming is deeper than food and that is why all products on their online site exhibit a strong link to the land, display a green ethos and produce a low footprint.

As if this is not enough to get on with, the couple have built a fabulous passive solar eco house about which Ms Tagalong tried to appear so knowledgeable. Mr Ideasman would have loved the plywood ceilings and asked far more pertinent questions.

Their children are soon to be launched video stars in a film for their website. Watch this muddy carrot who is sure she is local!

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