Thursday, September 6, 2012

At snail's pace

Foodie Penpals month 3!

Ooh, Ms Tagalong was so excited to find that this month she was paired with a Malyasian foodie living and working in Ukraine.

The mind boggled. What would she be sent? Nasi goreng with cherry compote? Goulash spice for noodles?

The lovely Shaila Ja who has been living in Ukraine for a while said she would do her best to send spicy things.

Ms Tagalong, as is her wont, waited for the postman right up until the day she left for the Lake District. Ukraine post must be slow as sadly no parcel arrived.

So here she is late with her post, unable to meet reveal day deadline and still imagining what is in her parcel.

Snails have been a problem this year, along with huge black slugs, and it is they who must be bringing the parcel from Ukraine as it has still not arrived.

Ms Tagalong will just have to wait… something she does so well!

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