Friday, March 29, 2013

Figet the funding..we're still going strong..

'Yeah, you're right, they must have known I was off that day.'

Ms Tagalong was eavesdropping. She was admiring the incredible fluffy Chinese silkies at the Fig Tree Community Garden.

Yes this is a fluffy chicken!
The long, tall caretaker was chatting away about the loss of a cockerel a few weeks ago.

Whoever stole it, stealthily replaced it with a large one of an inferior breed. Did they really think no-one would notice?

Figtree seems to have undergone a few changes in the year Mr Ideasman and Ms Tagalong have been gadding about on their 'grown-up' gap year.

Gone is the large chicken run with geodesic dome coop.

Gone is the funding for a three day a week co-ordinator.

Gone are some of the beds as true community plantings; now seemingly 'owned' by an 'Emmy' or a 'Jo'.

Some things don't change; what still remains is the wonderful pizza oven and the party venue tucked away at the back. That's why our illustrious duo were there saying farewell to friends heading South. A great spot for a goodbye party. Which is your favourite community garden for a party?

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