Monday, October 6, 2014

Spring comes to Bendigo

Bendigo. Goldfields. Ornate buildings. Sweeping boulevards. Fourteen hours bus ride.

If Mr Ideasman ever suggests a trip to accompany him to Bendigo, turn and run the other way.
Ms Tagalong in her inimitable fashion decided to go along. She did not however , anticipate fourteen hours in a bus packed with forty-five pre-pubescents off to play in the national Futsal championships.

But that aside, the sun is shining, a mug of tea awaits on the verandah and Ms Tagalong is laying plans to visit gardens, community and otherwise, which abound in this city of ‘unparalleled opulence and glamour.’

Mmm, Ms Tagalong should fit right in!

Stepping over the tram lines the first port of call is the conservatory on Pall Mall where the annual tulip display is over its best as the lady at the information centre offers.

Not quite Amsterdam. Not quite Spalding. Nevertheless the colours bounce and jostle in the spring sunshine, the object of many a visitor’s lens.

The conservatory houses a strange garden. A garden fashioned out of cardboard, retwisted and designed into organic shapes, decorated and be-tasselled. Sculpture from children’s workshops in and around Bendigo adorn the vestibule where would-be-artists scribble wildly on large pieces of paper anxious to have their efforts included.

Sitting in the sunshine, the nightmare journey recedes and Ms Tagalong consults her map to find her way to the nearest community garden.

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