Monday, April 19, 2010


This sign brought back memories - memories of a long past community play at Drimpton Village Hall in another life! The lady with a very large posterior was told in the seafaring piece "Avast behind." And here she is again, a brassy bum this time. It makes me laugh; we do a lot of that in the garden.

Crouching down behind the fence on Sunday I was able to spy upon Madame Houdini who despite strenuous efforts by gate fixers was still finding her way into the new seedlings. Two things I noticed. The other dark hen, not the one always escaping, was pecking at the black wire at the bottom of the gate. This dropped the latch down and out they got! Clever! Chicken run all over again. Secondly Madame H just squeezed herself down and got out under the gate next to the paver. Little beast; I think I have now foiled her by placing another paver and unless she becomes paper thin she will have to be happy with the scraps within her run.

The sister was here this weekend and her concern for everything with fur and feather had her researching why one of the chickens might be moulting - if that's what it is. Perhaps the constant escaping was scraping her neck. Ideas please.

Do you like rhubarb? So do I, but my chances of rhubarb crumble and custard this winter seems somewhat scarce as the rhubarb crown looking so happy a few days ago has disappeared from sight. I'm not sure if the hens have spirited it away!

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