Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh where did you get that hat?

My dad used to say that you could never trust a driver in a hat! What if he/she is wearing one of these?
One of our very talented members is not content with pottering in the garden, she is using it as a fashion catwalk, a runway for her design and talent. I just hope the butterflies landing on our kale and pak choy, their caterpillars happily munching, don't spy your hats, Ms Designer. They would make short work of your flowers and leaves.

The rhubarb mystery has been solved. One of our number exchanged the small thriving crown for a passionfruit vine! The garden was just babysitting the rhubarb which happens to be a treasured possession, a reminder of a lost relative. Ms Thoughtful said she was happy to cultivate the crown and divide it. I smiled but inside I bewailed the loss of rhubarb crumble and custard this winter!
I think we have room for a fairly substantial rhubarb patch if others are mad keen like I am. Nostalgia? Probably. But I look forward to hearing that someone else in the neighbourhood has a crown or two to spare us. In the meantime I shall peruse carefully the growing advice to make sure we don't lose the plants I know we will be donated!

Browsing, looking for information about rhubarb growing I just found this interesting site on community gardens in Australia. Have a look.

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  1. Don't worry I'll have some best of British rhubarb couriered over and failing that I'll have to bring some with me in november :) xx


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