Saturday, January 1, 2011

Community Garden Visit - Number One

This one wasn't even planned. Dropping off Miss Glamourpuss to her trendy inner city domicile now complete with authentic Chinese replica of French provincial bench, we got out of the car and she said, "Oh, there's Redfern Community Garden." And there it was. Off Young Street, off Cleveland Street. A little oasis in a disused corner of an alley behind the restaurant strip. Ms Tagalong was so excited that she had her trusty camera along and took a few photos of the beds. All raised, all in those modern aluminium surrounds.

"Are you a gardener?" Ms Tagalong eagerly asked a young man sitting rolling a cigarette with a bored white fluffy dog at his feet.

"No but I like to come and sit in here," he said. "There are so many of these unused spaces which should be gardens. I used to think they would all have their own little plot you know, allotments, but here everyone looks after everything. Last time I was here there was an old gentleman with a watering can and the time before I met a lady who was very worried about the curry plant!"

Ms Tagalong admired the productivity in such a small space, took some photos and said goodbye.

Next stop for this blog was another opportunity for a celebrity chicken or two. Stopping at Cafe Bella on the main street of Kangaroo Valley we plonked down for a cappucino after three days in the wilds of Bundeela(bogan country, don't you know)Ms Ideas(wo)man spied a grapevine clad arbour to the back of the cafe. Imagine her delight when she opened the french door to find an Isabrown clucking around. Friendly and expectant of food she was soon joined by a cockerel, breed unknown, with fluffy white feet and skittish behaviour.

"Don't touch me!" and in a panic he fell off the verandah trying to shrug off the embarassment with a loud cock-a-doodle-do! I fear I am fast becoming a chickenophile! Might even invite one to dinner.

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