Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

Ms Tagalong had been away so long she couldn't remember how to get into the garden. She lurked along the fenceline, crooning to the chickens who of course were sure she was bringing them some tasty delights. One, two, three... oh no, one seems to be missing!

Catching up with Ms Mova later in the day Ms Tagalong found out that one of the ladies had actually keeled over in the heat; I could imagine the others clucking and fanning her with their concerned clipped wings; and had gone to the Chicken Whisperer to be healed. So now there will be invites for two chickens to dinner! Get well, little ladies.

Casting her critical eye around the drought-stricken garden, Ms Tagalong was pleased to see that the basil
and lettuce sown before her departure was growing very well and could see a lovely macadamia nut and basil pesto swirling before her eyes.

Gratifyingly the rhubarb has survived. Ms Mova had been 'encouraging' all to make sure that the plants had received some of the precious water during the drought weeks. 'Encouraging' is my word, beaten by a big stick might be more accurate!

Plants are struggling, gasping for any relief from the blazing sun. The tanks still have some water but I have been told that no rain has fallen the whole time Ms Tagalong and Mr Ideasman have been away.

The idea of an arts night might need to include a rain dance.

The nod of approval has been given to the wonderful signs painted by Paintpot Pat and the great mobile made from beads and shells. Candelabras grace the concrete and the idea of a mosaic is brewing in Ms Designer's brain I hear.

The neatness and order in the shed and potting shed is breathtaking. All tools and seeds neatly labelled and stored. Ms Tagalong is so looking forward to a good Autumn planting as she can now find the seeds she needs!

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