Monday, May 9, 2011

Autumnal fruits 2 and Mothering Sunday

So here we are in Autumn and another week closer to the shortest day! The mists are still not upon us but the dew is thicker each morning and cooler on the feet. These beautiful tiny flowers on the casuarinas caught Ms Tagalong's eye in the morning sun.

Ms Tagalong walked into the garden yesterday and found a mother's meeting gathered companionably around the table talking over the wonderful Mother's Day events. It seems a lot of eating transpired but sadly not too much home cooking. But all was not lost, Ms Ishabaw walked down the road in search of some wonderful herbs for her feast. We knew she was coming; we could see her trousers stalking along viewed under the casuarinas; the chickens knew too and raced from one end of their pen to the other absolutely certain she would be bringing them treats. They were right.

Ms Tagalong planted garlic yesterday - long after Anzac day - dear readers, but what can you do? She took the remains of the last home grown bulb and painstakingly divided the cloves and placed them carefully in the ground. They are now planted behind the herb sign. We really must rotate the bed signs and refresh the soil.

Ms Mova was chinwagging and looked up to say, "Well you do really plant when you say you are going to. It takes me hours to think about it let alone do it! " Ms Tagalong smiled and left them to it. Mother's Day takes a lot out of you.

Later in the evening Ms Mova came knocking at the door. She had been busy; she brought around an eye-catching gift of tamarillos. Not strictly community garden produce but her garden produce. Besides being delightful to look at, these beauties are very versatile as was found out by searching for recipes and uses. Mr Ideasman said he hadn't had one since he lived in New Zealand as an
exchange student - so that was some time ago then. We cut one in half and scooped out its innards, a la kiwi, tangy and different. Ms Tagalong then decided to throw some into a chickpea tagine, perfect flavouring for a warming dish on this cold, wet, windy evening.

Just a reminder for Ms Designer that our readership are still agog waiting for the recipe for the Peruvian speciality of sweet potato jam. No pressure!

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