Friday, May 20, 2011

Short and Sweet!

Well not really. Huge and sweet actually. But the story will reveal itself...

Last week Ms Tagalong was tapping away diligently when there was a knock on the door again. She wondered whether she would ever get the blog finished! Ms Mova was at the door, almost jiggling up and down in excitement. "You might want to hold your blog," she said,"you just have to see this."

Sighing loudly and dutifully saving the blog, Ms Tagalong followed, er um tagged along as usual.

Miss Didi's Mum had been fossicking under the sweet potato plant which by now had covered most of one bed. We had done some exploratory digging as you know, a few weeks ago, but this was archaeology on a grand scale. Ms Tagalong's jaw dropped, she expressed some expletives, well as much as she is wont to do, gasped, even.

One wonders how this huge monstrosity had been growing under the earth without us knowing? We have missed the Easter Show, we would have been the stars of the show, surely? We would have returned adorned with ribbons, clasping cups and medals galore.

But did we think of weighing it? Of course not. Ms Tagalong could make a guess; the size of a small child, 10kg-12kg at least! How many kilos of sweet potato jam would this have made? Nestling alongside this monster were many others. The camera fortunately saved the moment for posterity.

So there we are, we must be doing something right to the soil, especially the nutrients needed for sweet potato growth.

But wait, there's more. Yesterday Ms Tagalong found out that Ms Mova was looking after the monster still in her kitchen so Ms Tagalong raced around with a weighing scale,(she knew it would come in useful some day) and as we held our breath, Ms Mova's 'usband gently lowered the potato onto the scale.

Oh how Ms Tagalong felt vindicated, 10.4 kg! What an eye.

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