Monday, June 13, 2011

Champagne and rain

Ms Mova is good at planning surprises, so close does she play her cards that Ms Tagalong nearly missed out on her own birthday celebration in the garden!

Veering off on her bike towards the new house she shouted to Ms Mova’s back that she was just going to see if she could get in the house. Fortunately for her, she couldn’t, and so rode back to see a little clique in the garden. Despite the near zero temperatures, well being prone to exaggeration it was probably 10 degrees with a very unhealthy wind chill. Still, the bubbles in the champagne soon warmed the cockles of our hearts and we giggled and laughed as the sun went down.

Even impromptu cocktails in the garden are worth attending! Thank you Ms Mova.

Rain and more rain this weekend have probably put paid to a lot of work in the garden but Ms Tagalong did spy some rather bedraggled faces peering from under hoods of their rain jackets shoveling out some good soil and chicken manure from the trailer. They smiled and flicked the drops off their hair as Ms Tagalong passed in her car. She thinks they were smiling; gritting their teeth could have been a distinct possibility.

In between torrential downpours Ms Tagalong ventured outside early this morning to let the chickens out. They all looked soaked except for one extremely plumped out white chicken perched directly in the middle of the roost. Rushing out they chased to the fence to see if laying pellets were forthcoming.

And still the rains came; so much so that our wonderful Union Street CafĂ© was rained out today. Thank goodness for next week although I’m not sure that the forecast is much better with flooding forecast. Mr Ideasman will need to check those rain tanks!

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