Monday, June 20, 2011

We bid a fond farewell!

She has dazzled us with her fashionable hats, wowed us with her precise botanical drawings and charmed two of the recalcitrant chickens with her love and care. And now she is taking all her artistic talents and botanical knowledge up to pastures anew in the far North of New South Wales (together with the chickens, she tells me!).

Ms Designer a.k.a Ms Chicken Whisperer will be sorely missed. The garden blossomed with multi-coloured balloons on Saturday afternoon to farewell our lovely lady. Ms Tagalong suspects this was a dress rehearsal for the second anniversary of our beginnings and as Ms Chicken Whisperer was one of our founding members it seemed fitting that merrymakers gathered around the table, champagne glasses in hand and toasted success to her a few weeks shy of this momentous event.

Ms Tagalong just arrived, plonked down, had a wonderful cup of tea and reveled in the fact that she had not had to organise anything!

We have not seen the last of this talented lady as her work with the University of Newcastle will bring her back monthly and she will be fought over as we jostle to provide some accommodation for her.

Many successes with your ventures in horticulture and self-sufficiency. Keep us abreast so that we can update the readers!

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