Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All things green

Mr Ideasman is sick of Ms Tagalong oohing and aahing over everyone's chickens although he was the one to spot a starter pack being advertised comprising a mini incubator, OvaView candling lamp, an Ovascope, Ecoglow 20 chick brooder and 1ltr drinker and disinfectant all for the bargain price (50 pounds off) of 149 pounds and eighty-one pence!

I think it might be cheaper to rely on chicken donations!!

So now to all things green. Ms Tagalong was amazed at all the beautiful vegetables in China, specifically all the Chinese cabbage varieties all fantastically displayed. Looking good enough to eat, Ms Tagalong's mother would say.

The small succulent bunches of bok choy are now grown out of the cities and brought in. Ms Tagalong was unable to verify their organic credentials but she did spot many growing in small plots, around trees, and in front of houses which surely were not subject to intensive farming. Readers may remember the method which the Satyananda garden used at the ashram at Mangrove Mountain. Buy seed in bulk, cast thickly and cut often. Looks like the way to go. Display those bunches from the community garden like these and everyone will want them!

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