Thursday, February 9, 2012

UK chickens

Ms Tagalong has been so exhausted from all her travels she has been very remiss in updating the worldwide vegetable and chicken goings on! So she has paused for a moment, removed the cool compress from her forehead and staggered over to the laptop.

So what could top a golden chook, one might ask? The sight of different varieties of lovely plump hens as Ms Tagalong strolled down her sister-in-law's garden? Ms Tagalong paused, taking in the misty hills arising out of the bracken covered land, brown and battered waiting for the gentle hand of Spring to colour them and inspire them to unfurl new green fronds.

Maybe the chickens in the vegetable garden of a friend at the bottom of Lewesdon Hill? Astute readers might remember a photo of these chickens in snow last year. Talking to Ms Tagalong as she brings scraps, the same the world over, fussy and forever looking for more! Attacking the spaghetti with fervour, ignoring the fresh vegetables until later.

So it is in chicken world. Funny, the chickens don't squat like ours, waiting to be picked up. Maybe a lack of little chicken holders?

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