Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sandhills? Verdant green hills...

Ms Tagalong just saw this wonderful tromboncino squash whilst twittering. Thank you Figjamandlimecordial for the permission to use your lovely photo and teach us community gardeners something about them. Would these be good stir fried? 


Whither goest thou?

Not from whence she came, certainly. And about whom are we talking?

Ms Tagalong, of course. After an exciting day at the Newcastle Writers Fest Ms Tagalong wandered in the cool Autumn evening looking for a haven before the train came in to whisk her back to the far-flung lake suburb, her temporary residence.

Downtown Newcastle. Newcastle CBD. Sandhills! The community garden for Newcastle East beckoned.

She apologises for the lack of photos in this post. A rather less than smart phone sent back images of less rather than more pixels!

Approaching through the old railway sheds she was gratified to see the verdant beds and banks spilling over the tyre walls.

A battered beige hat, once seen adorning the the cover of the Newcastle Yellow Pages, came into view behind the feathery asparagus.

'I'm just a caretaker now,' said Chris, 'everything's done really. If someone has the energy for a project like that wall over there, that's great!'

She shrugged and said she was happy to come and potter and take enough for a stir-fry or a salad.

'We have lots of visitors, people come and picnic or play in here. I just wish they wouldn't pick things so young,' she added.

Conspiratorily she moved aside frothy asparagus fronds displaying some thrusting young spears.

'They're great in a stir-fry,' she grinned.

Bidding her farewell Ms Tagalong sniffed and touched, tasted and chewed her way around every bed. Grabbing a handful of rocket, mustard lettuce and a lemongrass stalk she was glad Sandhills was still thriving!  

By the way, what is your favourite vegetable, usual or unusual, to stir-fry?

It's great to have some feedback, so please leave me some comments.

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