Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wear your badge with pride!

Ms Tagalong and Ms Mova never let the grass grow under their feet, so to speak! They see an opportunity and grasp the nettle! Stop the punning, we hear you say. 
Those of you who assidiously peruse each Facebook update with a fine toothcomb might have noticed the references to Timebanking
'What is it all about?' asked Ms Mova. Ms Tagalong was slurping her japanese noodles and trying to explain. 
'Well you know how our lovely volunteers come along to the garden and help, this actually encourages them more.' (As if the lure of the garden is not enough!)
'As they accrue hours of volunteering they can use these to maybe find another service someone else on Timebanking is offering. Like, perhaps, someone to paint their house,' she stopped, thinking of the unfinished painting on the front of her house! 
Ms Mova agreed that it sounded like a good idea and ate the last dumpling!
'So what do we do now?' she asked. 
'Well, I will register us as an organisation and then encourage all our participants to register too.'
Ms Mova's eyes glazed over, she was thinking of the massage she might need and probably could get from registering on Timebanking. 

So there we are; Tighes Hill Community Garden all registered and ready to go. 
Roll up, roll up for the next working bee and be able to claim hours!
Click on the link to register folks and remember you don't have to volunteer for an organisation like us to do so. 
Any questions or comments gratefully received and answered to the best of our ability! 

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