Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Planning an Open Day

'We love our garden and we want everyone else in the community to love it too!' Ms Mova stoutly declared and Ms Tagalong had to agree.

'It can't be a well-kept secret. We need people to come, plant, dig and chat.'

'An Open Day with lots of events!'

'Let's use some skills from Timebanking. I saw an event planner on there. I bet she's got some tricks up her sleeve.'

Ms Mova fell into a reverie. Images of ideas were floating by. This is what she saw.
Cooking demonstration by Jamie Oliver

Some quality time with gardener Jamie Durie

And even a token art installation! 
Would we say no to gnomes?

What would you like to see on an Open Day in Spring?

It's great to have some feedback, so please leave me some comments.

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