Thursday, October 1, 2009

Behind the gate.

Ms Mova's friend was shaken, but not stirred and the 'garden' sat there neglected for a few more months.

One day the terrible looming spectre of the imminent planting of box brush trees in the local park fired up Ms Mova to discuss the possibility with her friend of taking around a letter box drop, no pun intended, to discourage the planting of the aforementioned lophostemon confertus

This particular species seems to be a favourite of local councils as they can hack it nearly to death to sculputurally shape it around power lines and it still stays alive. Unfortunately it doesn't do much in the way of satisfying permaculture needs. No comfortable shade, no fruit, no nothing really, just sheer tenacity in the face of adversity.

Ms Mova's friend, affected by Ms Mova's passion said she would design a flyer about the trees and whilst she was about it should she invite expressions of interest in a community garden? Ms Mova was definitely agreeable and the first flyer was taken around the immediate neighbourhood. It would be a lie to say that judgements were not made about the possible level of interest demonstrated by the care or lack thereof of the property. Ms Mova's friend (she must have a name?)was secretly happy that no-one was judging her level of interest as the front of her property resembles Steptoe's junk yard on a good day. She is blessed with a partner who takes the idea of recycling very seriously and nothing goes to waste. Everything will be useful one day. If only she could think of a use for the e-waste which seems to be reproducing, finding itself in such a favourable environment.

So how much interest was generated and what happened next? Tune in for the next exciting episode.

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  1. Excellent to hear things are coming along in the garden, but would like some photos please!! - Even if its just of the recent plantings! Hope the rain has given the garden a nice watering and happy gardening this weekend :)


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