Monday, October 5, 2009

The next bit

Comments have been made about lack of photos. Ms Mova's friend,(she will take suggestions for a good name!) is sadly having problems with uploading appropriate photographs or any photographs for that matter. She will try to upload this post and then try to edit by adding photos. It is just so important that you see how much difference we have made!

If not, we will have to wait until Windows Explorer has decided that a photo uploader is not malicious.

So, where were we? Ah, yes, waiting with bated breath for responses from the flyer. Ms Mova kept saying that people were calling her or dropping by. Secretly, her friend thought she might be making these up, a bit like invisible friends, but then she started producing email addresses.

Sometime amongst all this excitement, Ms Mova contacted a local representative from Transition Towns. to talk about how we should go about forming a garden group, well really a guerilla garden group, as the provenance of the land was rather questionable.

Ms Mova's brother made the best scones ever for the meeting but this didn't seem to answer our questions. Obviously another flyer was needed. A call to arms or a call to scythes, machetes etc. to try to tame the bitou. If we wore dark glasses no-one would recognise us, absolving us of the need to announce our intentions.

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