Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ms Mova and Ms Tagalong

I knew some kind soul would come up with a name for 'the friend'. Ms Tagalong and Ms Mova decided another flyer would be sent out to the unsuspecting public in Tighes Hill asking for time donations, trusty wheelbarrows, sharp spades and blades to tackle the ever increasing bitou bush and burgeoning castor oil plants.

So the blitz day arrived and so did some of the neighbours. A steady stream in fact. We sweated and puffed and panted as we tore out the pesky weeds, mattocked out the stumps, laid carpet and newspaper as mulch and spread around the little top soil we had. At the end of the day we could definitely see improvement. Weeds and grass were pulled away from the long-suffering callistemon along the front of the property.

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