Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hot chilli oil and pass the dutchie?

Down in the garden this weekend I was admiring the chilli bushes full of chillis going to waste. Red ones, yellow ones, green ones and some multi-coloured red and green. Was there no-one who liked it hot? The manure carrier and myself picked as many as we could stuff in our pockets and returned home to pack a tall ex-vodka bottle full and pour in wonderful green virgin olive oil. Mmm hot stuff! Of course us gardeners don't drink vodka! The bottle with nary a drop left was stuffed down by the recycling by an itinerant visiting daughter. Not being one to waste a gift horse down in the mouth - I sniffed the remaining whiff.

Talking about whiffs, well spliffs actually, Ms Mova, a fellow book club member and myself were gathering comfortably around to watch the latest month's choice (Mao's Last Dancer, cheating you might say, when Ms Mova leant over and whispered conspiratorially. "Would you like some?" she made her offering, I took some onto my hand, sniffed and passed it on. "How about you?" Our earnest faces creased, we burst out laughing - a sign of the times, here we were passing around a tube of hand cream!

The brazier was stoked, the lamb chops were marinating, not a chicken wing or leg in sight unless you count the feathered ones, the lights were ready but the weather did not co-operate. Our first barbeque in the garden was not to be. Steady rain all day dampened our ideas but not our enthusiasm and those of us brave enough gathered at Ms Mova's, on her deck and listened to the pitter patter of the rain and the sizzle of the various offerings on the well-tended barbeque and poured wine and talked and laughed. So those of you timid souls - make sure you come next time. We enjoy ourselves no matter what. We are built of stern stuff, us gardeners!

Another day. Sitting down relaxing in the garden Ms Mova confided, "I never wanted the chickens you know. They didn't fit into my plan for the garden." She gazed wistfully at the clucking hens trying very hard to convince us that they really don't get any food and said, "I fell in love with them from the first day they came. They are absolutely wonderful!" Ms Tagalong, as usual, has to agree!

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