Saturday, May 22, 2010

If you go down to the garden today..

You're sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the garden today,you'd better go in disguise. We should have done so I believe, balaclavas and trenchcoats would have been good. There we were 'asset stripping' I said, although Mr Ideasman said it was called pilfering. So there we were standing in an abandoned community garden dismantling a shed, piling on the timber boards, shade house, fencing and various deserted plants. Another car drew up and the race was on.
We stood on various items, moved others to a collecting pile and transformed into grasping, gravalicious scavengers. Determined to take whatever we could, we carried the shed onto the back of the trailer. Looking like a shaky snail we set off, avoiding speed bumps and main roads. To no avail; a small bump saw the frame buckle and bend and the shed fell down onto the trailer mudguards, a bit like losing its knickers, flapping around its ankles.

Ms Mova and I had been on a Community Garden tour arranged by the University of Newcastle researching the whys and wherefors of community gardens and visited this garden which had had to relocate due to its owner, the Department of Housing, deciding that they needed to again build some housing on the site. The participants had pretty much taken all they wanted and there were a few items there that might just come in useful for a guerilla garden!

The inclement weather today found a group of us dodging rainshowers and making several trips to this wonderful garden. Recycling items possibly for the third or fourth time. Ms Designer kept her hat on and the feather didn't even look bedraggled. I think it was reacting to the 'chuffness' its mistress felt whilst purloining the garden.

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