Sunday, June 13, 2010

Culinary Coriander

Great green luscious bunches of it. It goes well with pumpkin soup. Ms Mova and I were sharing a stuffed pumpkin and talking of all things gardening and not. I had recently had a birthday and guess what I received? A hole digger, a weeder, a fork and trowel and a subscription to Organic Gardening. What more could Ms Tagalong wish for?

We took a lettuce, some bok choy and of course some coriander to our friends this weekend and enjoyed the idea of fresh food with bunya pine nuts and of course bok choy and coriander!

Mr Ideasman is planning the mounting of the tanks. I think that his plans and mine diverge somewhat. Visions of covered spaces with blackboards, storage spaces, children's tables and playplaces are changing to a utilitarian line of tanks linked by pipe, raised for gravity feed with a storage area behind along the fence. My visions will adapt, we have to do what is practical. Calls will go out this week for assistance and money to help with the construction.

Ms Mova wants detailed plans. She told me so. Mr Ideasman moves in a more organic way, seeds of ideas once planted and receiving verbal manure change and flourish into quite a different plant! I have however been successful in gaining some scribbled diagrams on the back of a napkin. Don't the greatest of ideas start like that? So do I now sanitise these ideas, blow them up on large pieces of paper for the willing workers or keep them secret?

Whilst we were away a secret fairy seems to have donated an aerobin for compost. One of the big jobs this weekend will be sorting out the donated items and moving things around so that the garden looks a little less like Steptoes' yard. (A reference for those young and not into English sitcoms, about a rag and bone father and son who had an amazing back yard full of everything useful and useless that you could imagine.)

So gird your loins, my friends. Bring on the tools and the manpower. Let's erect the pergola and the shade house, the shed and the tanks. Just remember to leave some space for the plants!!

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