Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lighting up the night!

It's winter and the monthly cocktails in the garden seemed out of place. Usher in the barbeque and the brazier. Ms Mova and Ms Tagalong prepared the area anticipating a flood of new visitors after our community garden escapade. Ms Mova had the lamb chops marinating and the sausages at the ready. Ms Tagalong made a spicy pumpkin soup kept warm on the barbeque. I was told by Mr Ideasman that this must definitely be a strange English custom somewhat like wearing a pink cardigan to the beach. Being guilty of the latter I just laughed and hoped he wouldn't tell everyone!

We chatted and laughed with the arrivals. Some bearing bottles, some bearing nibblies and some just bearing themselves! We didn't have to wait long for the moon to rise behind the clouds fringing them with light. The lighting up continued, some illicit, in the darkened corners of the garden away from tiny prying eyes. They were far too interested in trying their hardest to put out the brazier with ill-timed applications of chicken straw. I spotted one with a blazing torch and held my breath as he tried to set light to his friend's eyebrows.

Mr Surfgiant arrived in a very friendly mood. He was happy to see all of us and although it was not always easy to follow his flow he seemed to think the garden was coming along well. Some more people popped in to say hello, and some left. We finished dishing out food. The lamb and sausages served with grilled eggplant and a stir fry of bok choy, spinach, beans, and coriander from the garden.

There was a distinct huddle arranging secret men's business about planning the tank stands and inflowing water collection. The poor purloined shed had already taken a beating during the week's inclement weather and a small boy had now taken up residence in it 'Boy's tent no girls allowed.' I worried about its future.

So the brazier was alight, the moon was alight and by this time so was one of the guests! Little Miss Pretty declined Ms Mova's offer of a lap and said she didn't like sitting on anyone's lap other than her mother. So young, so wise! Around the fire we were treated to a discourse on Buddhism and the joys of trees and nature. The conversation swung between coherence and incoherence and I remember an anecdote about a cliffdweller in Biarritz. A very enlightening evening all round!

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