Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shed Knowledge

The best brains of the area came together on Saturday to resurrect the storm-blownshed, piece together the conundrum of the shade shed and to work out how best to raise the tanks for gravity feed. A few head scratchings, 'my idea is better than yours' but brawn prevailed and we were off. Suddenly Ms Mova, who of course was orchestrating the whole event without seeming to, didn't even need to direct operations. The whole moved as one, but each with his own 'to do' list.

The hard core of the group were there plus many others. They came from far and wide to lend their skills. We had ring-ins. Brothers and sisters came for a short time and spent the day flexing long-forgotten skills. Little Miss Pretty chalk-painted artistic creations on the concrete.>
She was so glad we had made a cubby-house for her. It (the shade-house) was soon parked with sit-on toys and bikes.

Ms Tagalong managed to flit around doing a bit of everything and nothing much. She does have an incredible knack of starting a project and leaving everyone else midway to get on with it! She did however wield the angle grinder with incredible aplomb. Ms Mova fell back on her journalistic talents and recorded a pictorial history of the day.

The ladies (chooks)probably fared the best as they unexpectedly gained a whole new area to forage in. Metal fencing of the recently purloined variety soon found a use as a new delineator of chook area and lo and behold we now have room for about 20 chooks!

Hunters and gatherers were foraging in the garden for seeds and fruits to sow next season. Planters and weeders were digging and turning. Sweepers were sweeping. Nail extractors were working on the recycled timbers. Such a satisfying job, even if half of it might be burnt in the brazier at the next get-together. Ms Caterer Extraordinaire was dispensing tea and coffee and at the appropriate time, womaning the barbeque with flair. The working bee threatened to sink into a let's enjoy the lovely day sitting here chatting and drinking but Ms Tagalong soon put a stop to that and admonished everyone in her dredged up school marm voice that the party was over and let's get back to work. And we did.

The practically destroyed, don't think we can do much with this shed was suddenly transformed by a couple of very capable brains, full of shed knowledge. Personal Trainer, who is more used to cracking the cycling whip over two very leisurely riders, pointed out that the knowledge within the shed might have increased when they stepped out of it but hey it's only going to be used for worn out tools.

As the sun set over the yard arm or over the coal loader arm really, we packed away, tidied and sat enjoying the last rays with a glass in hand admiring everyone else's handywork. What a successful day!

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  1. Wow what an excellent day and the garden is looking amazing! Wish we had one of those in Hampstead! xx


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