Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frogmouths and round mouths

A hot week had us doing a rain dance out on the verge with the chickens looking on bemused. They shook their feathers and obviously had more sway because the rain has not fallen on our little patch although it seems to have swollen many rivers around us.

Cocktails in the Garden saw us watching a shadowy shape on the fence. No this was not Mr Ideasman putting up a screen but a very exciting Tawny Frogmouth sitting observing the revelries. He twisted and turned his neck and the small South African imports crept closer to see 'the owl.' Someone else thought he was a kookaburra so I think we all need to read about this special bird.

We had a second showing of The Power of Community so of course if you haven't seen it you must be in the minority!

Talking in the garden about the recently formed choral group, Mr Shedfull was heard to say, 'Did you hear us, the dulcit tones wafting over the roofs?' 'Oh' said Ms Mova, 'I thought that was the crow and the wagtail arguing again!'

Later in the day, Ms Mova and Ms Tagalong worked diligently to curtail some of the chicken's run so that the newly acquired cape gooseberry and paw paw may stand a chance of developing some fruit. The larger banana palms have survived but the smaller ones are being pecked to within an inch of their green lives. We have such curious, inquisitive little darlings who flew up onto our barrows of manure to make sure that they didn't miss the smallest insect or worm unfortunate enough to show its wee self.

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