Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspiration and noxious pests!

The hill at Carrington it was not! People on bikes, children clutching blankets, dogs and overstuffed picnic hampers would make their way along the boardwalk, by the creek and up the hill, manouvering to claim a spot. We had set out chairs, provided the blankets and waited. No, we were not inundated with families wending their way but it proved to be an enjoyable experience for the takers which Mr Ideasman saw no reason could not be repeated regularly...he thought we could even change the film!

We were privileged to have a real Mr Cuba in the audience who was able to give us some valid insight onto the realities of that special period in Cuba. The Cubans obviously didn't like the 1.2 million bikes from China as he says they now nearly all use public transport. I think the fact they were old steel clunkers with no gears had a lot to do with it!

A kind reader exposed Ms Tagalong's innocence about noxious Australian weeds yesterday. I had actually noticed how quickly it proliferated but had not been diligent enough to actually look it up. So those of you who also noted the flower arrangement in the bathtub, cast your mind back to those ferny fronds. They are in fact salvinia which needs to be eradicated. You will be pleased to note, or otherwise, that it is a weed of national significance and even though we are usually welcoming to visitors from Brazil, this one will need to be shown the door! In fact this one must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed. So you with urges for waging war, gird your loins and do the deed. I think some days out in the sun on the concrete should see to it and when shrivelled and dessicated should be placed in the rubbish. I don't think we should risk composting the little darling.

We may have a larger throng this Friday for Cocktails in the Garden and might try to compete with Rank or Miramax!

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