Monday, November 8, 2010

Prestigious venue!

How we are moving up in the world. First a patch for vegetables, then a venue for a wedding party! Ms Tagalong's not son-in-law Mr Debonair has been looking for these wonderful venues for events all over the world. His favourite so far is the Community Garden. Well I think that's what he said, maybe he said continue to use it for gardening and don't get above yourselves. Hard of hearing these days! Decorations have begun. This morning Ms Tagalong spotted some calendulas placed artfully amongst the green of the bathtub plants, floating like Monet’s waterlilies. Some fairy lights would be lovely, any donations of solar lights gratefully received. What a delight they are as they softly grace the feathery fronds of ferns and outline ghostly twigs.

Cocktails in the garden, our regular monthly occurence is gaining a difference this month with the addition of showing a film. Outdoor cinema. Not a drive-in, a walk-in more like it. Even a drop-in centre perhaps! The first showing will be The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil an inspiring film with its focus on food growing. Mr Ideasman will aim to have the projector up and running by dusk, so bring a cushion and a comfy chair if you wish. Ms Tagalong has visions of an ice-cream vendor strolling down the aisles…any takers? Just don’t expect any remuneration! Maybe a mint plant…we have lots of that floating in buckets ready to be placed where it won’t overrun the rest of the garden.

We obviously have the best chickens in town. Have you ever heard of a swap meet? Perhaps this is an American phenomenon but not one we wish to introduce into the Community Garden! Our chickens are happy in their run and do not get out of the garden. They are laying well and seem none the worse for wear for trying out another chicken run. A note to those well meaning people who find chickens wandering around George Street, they belong to the house on the corner of the park. They are the sleek, darker looking ones. We do have one we would be happy to exchange. The poor bald looking one. Her apparant moulting seems to have turned into something else. Anyone got any ideas on this one? She seems happy but looks worse than a bedraggled rat in the rain.

On our away weekend we were meditating, meditating on all things garden as usual I took some photos of the vegetable garden. Nothing too out of the ordinary, mostly lettuces and varieties we seem to grow but a little more ordered than ours which is probably not a good thing as the slugs or pesties have more on the banquet table. Small groupings of similar plants is ok. Long beds or rows can be problematic. And of course companion planting can be the way to go. More on that next time. Oh and the prestigious marriage party celebration. Now... are we going to be Mr and Ms Ideasman or Mr and Ms Tagalong?? I know we will remain as our own individual identities. What a novel idea.

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  1. hi guys,
    compliments on your great project and blog. very exciting

    just a note on the water fern in the bath tub pictured - it is the prolific water weed Salvinia. It's a declared 'Weed of National Significance' and a Noxious Weed in many local government areas because of its ability to smother fresh waterways if growing unchecked.
    it would be great if you could let people know it is a risky weed and perhaps transition away from it with some native water plants- or at least ones that are less invasive?
    as it's affected by brackish conditions it's unlikely to be an issue if it got away into nearby Throsby Creek, but it would be of concern if it was taken to other areas of the region where it can be a big problem
    cheers Susan


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