Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Anzacs

Heaps and heaps of eggs for everyone but only a few fresh laid plus a few golden interlopers found in the garden this weekend.

Mr Ideasman said it was funny, he had always been puzzled about the idea of bunnies and eggs; Ms Glamourpuss piped up that of course they only lay chocolate ones not real ones. Well whoever laid the eggs next door (there were some telltale bunnyprints on the pathway) certainly hadn't banked on the dog eating them all!

Little Fairy 1 and Little Fairy 2 came running around to tell me that although they had searched and found millions their dog had followed the 'bunny' and eaten quite a few around the driveway. In an attempt to recoup losses they came around to our backgarden to see if there were any stray ones. Sadly, Ms Glamourpuss and Ms Runaround have long cottoned on that the large blocks of chocolate are a much better deal and won't buy in to the overpriced eggs and bunnies.

So back to the garden; some bunny had left two tiny golden eggs on the table. How clever!

Garlic being such a staple of many cuisines needs really to be sown in vast quantities to feed all our participants but the few bulbs which were lifted last year seem to have been consumed with only a half a bulb left. Traditional planting I have been told is around Anzac day but with the rain we have had today Ms Tagalong suspects that the little bulbs will still be sitting on the meter box ready for a more clement day.

Non-treated garlic seems to be an endangered species here in Oz as the cheap Chinese imports are flooding the supermarkets. So anyone who has some sprouting organic bulbs and would like to donate a little to the garden for the benefit of all would be very much revered. Hearing about the Anzac tradition of planting garlic today Ms Tagalong's Mama ventured that it was something to do with fields of garlic at one of the battlefields. Ms Tagalong was thinking of poppies but perhaps that was even the wrong war. A quick search has not enlightened Ms Tagalong. Any readers have any more knowledge?

Checking the growth of crops Ms Tagalong was excited to see the lovely horseradish in a pot. Now there will be a recipe for that I am sure.


  1. i have a couple of garlics sprouting in my garden. I'm thinking they are from some I planted a couple of years ago...we don't do things in a hurry around here! Would they qualify??

  2. Sounds good - send them along!


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