Monday, April 11, 2011

Piles and piles

Ms Mova was wondering if Ms 'I'm so happy I'm back at work' was going to fall headfirst into the huge pile of mulch delivered today into the garden. This was not the only obstacle to circumnavigate as the mowing men had today brought bags and bags of cuttings for the garden. It was dark when she came to check on the chickens. The time change does that, not her lateness you understand. Ms Tagalong laughed cruelly at the image of pulling her out by her feet and dusting off the very fine mulch, according to Ms Mova.

But no, a knock came at the door, not a speck of mulch in sight, Ms ISHIBAW,(think about it!)stood beaming, glad to find the tea clatch at work whilst others were warbling on Ms Mova's deck.

Ms Tagalong said this would be a short, photoless entry tonight and that she would blame the length of the teatime!

Holiday activities next week should bring some exciting news to this blog.

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