Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweet potato cheese?

So this is what they mean by completing the cycle, closing the loop, growing, cropping and eating. Just look at what that wonderful Ms Designer (Adoptive mother of Teapenny) has made!

She shyly presented a little treasure, a folded wax packet of what she called sweet potoato jam, to try. Upon opening it reminded me of guava cheese that people used to make when Ms Tagalong lived in Jamaica. It could have been a delicate version of quince paste even, eat your heart out Maggie Beer, but spread generously on an Easter hot cross bun it tickled the taste buds to perfection.

So that was what happened to the monster sweet potato. Ms Tagalong will try to cajole the recipe out of Ms Designer, she will sweet talk her with, well, more sweet potatoes maybe, so that we can all have a go.

This week we have really hit the social media, bigtime. Our most recent young gardener whilst contemplating the growth of plants when doing his homework decided we really needed to go global. So we are now a Facebook entity, become a friend, like us, add comments etc. It can all happen there I am told. But I suppose the most gratifying thing for Ms Tagalong is the link to the blog! He has also made inroads into a website. How much technology can one take?!

This weekend of crisp, marvellous weather saw a few hardened gardeners cutting, pricking out, planting, barrowing and weeding.
Ms Mova arrived on Sunday morning to surprise a Ms Tagalong still in dressing gown attire wandering the beds, admiring all the work and feeling quite relieved that this winter the neighbourhood will have vegetables to eat! Come one, come all. Water and watch them grow!

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  1. Great Blog!! Love this's inspiring me to do some gardening and try to grow something myself! Great to read about Jamaica too...


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