Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The last hurrah!

Actually it was probably the last halleluia as the local songsters did all the neighbourhood proud singing their little hearts out with the famous Newcastle German choir last Saturday evening. Mr Choirmaster was able to breathe a few sighs of relief for a job well done. Those of you who missed these angelic carollers also missed the pizza oven which worked like a Trojan churning out pizza after pizza. Oh no, sorry, that was the conscripted Greek who was sweating profusely placing pizza after pizza in the oven!

The Germans waxed lyrical over the pizzas and the garden. What a perfect venue yet again for a community event. With all the rain we have been having Ms Mova was sincerely hoping that the heavens were not going to open and all the displaced carollers, pizza eaters and the like were not going to want to decamp into her house. Ms Mova has confided in Ms Tagalong though that she loves her home being open to all; maybe just not that all!

Ms Tagalong was lucky to take this photo of the wonderful Junior Master Chef's Gingerbread House creation but was unlucky not to have tasted it as the hordes of children made short work in demolishing it!

Serendipitous is a word which springs to mind about that night. Serendipitous that it didn't rain; serendipitous that four skilled pizza makers turned up ready to create; serendipitous that the champagne was flowing - well we needed some fortification to hit the high notes!

It was a fitting way to remember the garden as we head off to inspect the community gardens of Mongolia and Siberia!

For those dedicated followers of this blog Ms Tagalong reminds you that she will do her best to update it when she is out and about globetrotting and stumbles across anything green and garden related but the weekly update will be a thing of the past for a year, she fears.

For those of you who like reading about travels Ms Tagalong invites you to follow her travel blog. Fare thee well fellow gardeners and a very merry holiday season to you all wherever you are!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life's little pleasures

Some of you may have been observant and noticed that there was indeed no blog last week. Just checking! Ms Tagalong is trying to get you used to the idea of not receiving one every week. As she heads out on her travels across the world, no longer tagging along, she might add, but striding ahead, it will not be possible to send an update every week.

Now obviously she also won’t be able to comment much on the goings on at the garden, well not this garden at least. She intends to pass judgement on all the other gardens and things green or otherwise that she sees, so don’t despair.

Ms Mova will as always keep you up to date with the real happenings and of course she might tell Ms Tagalong things which will of course find their way surreptitiously into the blog!

But back to the little pleasures of life. Sunday morning early, when it was cool, just after dawn, Ms Tagalong found herself wandering through the garden, picking out weeds and feeding the chickens. She looked at the compacted earth and thought it needed a forking. Not a forking what, just a forking. She picked up the fork and the ladies flocked around as if by magic, hopping on the tines determined to be the first to find the juicy worms. So Ms Tagalong spent a happy half hour watching them get their protein intake for the day with a minimum of effort on their part. The bonus was of course that the ground got a turning too, albeit finishing with a few less worms. Ah, life’s little pleasures!