Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainy day River Cottage Canteen and Deli

The bright green paint job stood out off the square in Axminster, Ms Tagalong could spot it even in the pouring rain. 

Mr Ideasman had wanted coffee and cake but being later than eleven they had timed their arrival to pour through the doorway with the grockles queuing for something to do in the incessant rain of the Jurassic coast.

As the doors to the canteen opened dead on midday the wet jackets shunted forward past the table with a wailing baby.

George the pastry chef had concocted some interesting cakes. Millionaire’s shortbread, parsnip, apricot and walnut cake, Eccles cakes and chocolate mousse cake. Mr Ideasman plumped for an Eccles cake and Ms Tagalong the parsnip cake.

The Eccles cake was the hit of the day; the best Ms Tagalong had ever tasted, plump currants and caramelised brown sugar. So good that two more had to be purchased for a later picnic.

So where were the illustrious duo? Hands up those who have heard of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall! Thought so. This is the lower cost option for River Cottage dinners. Set choices of menu served in the canteen with verve and vigour from locally sourced produce. The equally famous River Cottage Canteen and Deli.

An old fashioned deli case packed with all varieties of pies greets you as you enter, with shelves behind bursting with local beverages, ciders, teas, elderflower, dressings and oils.

Chris the maître d’hote was bustling, hurrying, scurrying, putting tables together in the café part to provide extra canteen seating for the salivating families.

‘Absolutely full, I’m sorry, there’ll be a half hour to forty-five minute wait.’ Disappointed faces and dripping people were turfed out into the rain. Mr Ideasman reckoned they should really have a sign outside saying, ‘Full, come back in ½ hour!’

Ms Tagalong would really like to return for some of that ‘freshly cooked, fabulous food in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.’ She is checking her diary now to lock in a date.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

At snail's pace

Foodie Penpals month 3!

Ooh, Ms Tagalong was so excited to find that this month she was paired with a Malyasian foodie living and working in Ukraine.

The mind boggled. What would she be sent? Nasi goreng with cherry compote? Goulash spice for noodles?

The lovely Shaila Ja who has been living in Ukraine for a while said she would do her best to send spicy things.

Ms Tagalong, as is her wont, waited for the postman right up until the day she left for the Lake District. Ukraine post must be slow as sadly no parcel arrived.

So here she is late with her post, unable to meet reveal day deadline and still imagining what is in her parcel.

Snails have been a problem this year, along with huge black slugs, and it is they who must be bringing the parcel from Ukraine as it has still not arrived.

Ms Tagalong will just have to wait… something she does so well!

It's great to have some feedback, so please leave me some comments.