Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Danny and Kylie - the truth

‘Well I think that one’s a crow and that one’s a cockerel!’ Ms Mova’s granddaughter was adamant. And Ms Mova thought she had brought in two young hens! The granddaughter was gracious enough to say she would come back and give another assessment if needed.

Danny and Kylie, for so they are named, arrived on Saturday. Danny fell unceremoniously from the bottom of a broken cardboard box, not quite the planned entry. Slightly dazed, Ms Tagalong was able to pick her up and pop her with Kylie in the separate pen.

This morning they thought they were ready for the big stage and were out there trying to strut their stuff with the other ladies. They didn’t even belong in the chorus line, booed and hissed off stage they cowered in the corners behind the curtains until they were rightfully returned to the nursery pen!

Maybe in a week or so they will be ready for a short number with the others and then whisked offstage quickly until the next show. It might take a while for the main cast to accept them and certainly many moons until they can take centre stage and become the main layers in what has pretty much become an old chook’s home! Ms Tagalong should bite her tongue, though, four eggs were laid the other day. The warmth and Spring weather encouraging all things reproductive.

It has also encouraged all people working as the garden is being prepared for the grand Open Day on Sunday, October 13th. Ms Mova is making a list of all prospective volunteers so sign up by email or when you see her with a clipboard!
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