Friday, February 22, 2013

Growing Community

Coffee and chillies
So why is a community garden so important?

Ms Tagalong posed this question last time she was at the Sunday cafe. Sipping her lovingly made coffee curled up on one of the many comfy chairs strewn around the large deck; she was musing.

But she thinks she got an answer. The wonderful Hewison Street host told me what he had once heard. A definition to die for, in today's parlance.

'A vegetable garden grows vegetables, a flower garden grows flowers and a community garden grows community!'

Well there you have it. With Ms Tagalong's prolonged absence from the garden she definitely feels her growth has been stunted. But never fear, Ms T and Mr Ideasman will keep going to the Sunday cafe to get their injection of community until they are allowed once more beyond the garden portals!

Ms Tagalong has waxed eloquent about this wonderful community cafe before but it deserves more. Quirky d├ęcor, community members old and new, the best coffee in Newcastle, kindness, friendship and support. 

Art and craft classes, stitch and bitch, young Mums' support group, the cafe's versatility never ends. Just open a case and take your pick!

It's great to have some feedback, so please leave me some comments.


  1. yes, I agree with this but have a suggestion that 'stitch and bitch' be elevated to 'stitch and enrich'?

  2. Sounds a good idea to me. I will suggest it!


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