Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Springing to life!

Self seeded coriander

Spring has sprung and Ms Tagalong has come out of winter hibernation ready to start chattering. In fact she is so garrulous you might wish she was still sleeping....

It's time for workshops, time for Cocktails in the Garden, pizzas and laughter. Time for planting, time for weeding and making compost. Time to listen to the birds, attract the bees and feed the chickens.

Ms Mova is feeling very smug and so she should be. Ms Tagalong is feeling equally excited. We welcome back the Chicken Whisperer into our midst, fresh from a southerly sojourn, ready to add her wisdom and knowledge to the garden.

Mr Ideasman is of course full of ideas and so plans are afoot for a fabulous Splendour in the Garden. Not to be outdone by Byron Bay, there will be music by local bands, pizza from the famous oven, coffee from a coffee cart and oh of course plenty of gardening activity from our workshop presenters.

Our wonderful community garden hasn't been left totally in the dark, comments, photos are to be found on our facebook page and if you would like newsletter updates just give us your email address.

So that's it, from the dark to the light, we welcome all into the garden!

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