Monday, October 28, 2013

When Danny became Dan

And so it came to pass…a wise granddaughter was proven correct.

It was the unmasking, the day that Danny became Dan! Yes, the white chicken was indeed a cockerel.

Danny and Kylie had still not been sleeping with the others. 

They were being slightly more tolerated but still chased away from food, most felt sorry for them.  Mr Ideasman rumbled on about Danny chucking seed around.

‘That’s a cockerel, look he’s showing off,’ he said.

‘I’ve seen the others do that too’ said Ms Mova, ‘she’s not a rooster, I’m sure.’

Fast forward a few weeks when Ms Earth Mother and her silver children were mingling with the chickens when one who shall remain nameless rose onto tiptoes, flapped wings and crowed.

Well, that was it. A fine specimen but not for our chicken yard. Ms Mova arranged a capture and he was taken off to the chicken man at the local markets to breed happily ever after or breed happily in the ever after.

And so to our wonderful Open Day.  Ms Mova and Ms Tagalong are still congratulating themselves and reeling from the fabulous rallying around by our wonderful gardening community to provide such an entertaining and enjoyable day.

But that’s another story! 

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