Friday, June 22, 2012

Littlebredy – in an English Country Garden

Not strictly a community garden says Ms Tagalong but as this once derelict walled garden is now run as a not-for-profit venture manned by volunteers it is certainly one for the community. 'Not far now,' Ms Tagalong encouraged Mr Ideasman as they cycled past the cricket pavilion in completely the wrong direction. A chance encounter with the laird pointed them in the right direction and they sailed back down the hill.

A cloudless blue sky, rare in this wettest of Summers, showed this Summer garden at its best. A real English garden with flourishes of roses, foxgloves, lavender, and clematis filling every corner. Old fashioned blossoms sweetened the air with their scent and made Ms Tagalong want to wend her way down every small path.

'Why is it walled,' asked Mr Ideasman? Not wanting to remind him of the vagaries of English climate Ms Tagalong muttered something about giving stonemasons something to do and changed the subject! Well tended vegetables with ripening blackcurrants and other soft fruit made Ms Tagalong want to volunteer too. Perhaps she could make a willow crown as well to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, or having a Republican husband, maybe not!

Bridehead Estate founded these gardens in 1796 and they supplied food not only to the 'big house' but to the surrounding population. Many gardeners toiled to grow vegetables for all. Ms Tagalong meandered her way through the orchard to the lake with Mr Ideasman in tow. 'I should be called Mr Tagalong,' he grumbled as they sat and ate their picnic in this exquisite location.
The Waterfall by the lake
The Jubilee Crown and old implements

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